[CentOS-promo] For CentOS Dojo -- Automated Infrastructure Testing with Oh-My-Vagrant and the CentOS CI

James purpleidea at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 19:52:00 UTC 2015

Here's a talk suggestion for the CentOS Dojo, Developer track:

Automated Infrastructure Testing with Oh-My-Vagrant and the CentOS CI
(please feel free to suggest a better title)

Oh-My-Vagrant (OMV) is a tool built on top of Vagrant that makes it
easier and faster to deploy a cluster of virtual machines and containers
than with Vagrant alone.

OMV also provides facilities to run a test suite across the entire set
of machines and containers in your cluster, thus giving you a way to
test on a representative simulation of your production infrastructure.

Lastly, this can all be run in an automated fashion on top of the CentOS
CI infrastructure. I'll explain how I integrated the automatic testing,
and the features that made the CentOS infra uniquely able to run OMV

This talk will start with OMV basics and then switch to focus on the
automated testing specifics, as well as point out the aspects of the
CentOS CI infrastructure that make it a model setup.

This talk will include a number of live demos (with or without
internet). It will also include demos involving the CentOS CI
infrastructure assuming it (and the internet) are available.

Speaker: James Shubin (purpleidea)
James Shubin is best known for his work on Configuration Management, his
Technical Blog, Oh-My-Vagrant, (a tool he started) and other related
DevOps friendly projects.
He writes a technical blog called: The Technical Blog of James
(https://ttboj.wordpress.com/), he sometimes says things as @purpleidea
on Twitter, and he currently works for Red Hat doing Systems
He studied Physiology at university and sometimes likes to talk about

Length: 1 hour including Q&A (alternate lengths available on request)

* Note for clarification: In case it's not abundantly clear: I did not
setup the CentOS CI infrastructure, nor am I trying to take credit for
that. This is a talk about how I setup automated testing with the OMV
"tests" feature, on top of it.
* Note for clarification: One aspect of my talk is still blocked, but
it's an open issue I expect kbsingh and bstinson will help me resolve
before the event.

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