[CentOS-promo] For CentOS Dojo -- Cockpit: The Linux admin interface

Thu Nov 26 07:33:34 UTC 2015
Stef Walter <stefw at redhat.com>

Here's a talk suggestion for CentOS Dojo, Sysadmin track:

Cockpit: The Linux admin interface

Cockpit is the missing Linux server admin interface. It's discoverable,
and reduces the learning curve for new Linux sysadmins. It also makes
complex tasks simple and routine for anyone, expert or not.

Cockpit runs in your browser. We'll talk about how it's designed to be
on by default, it's zero footprint, starts on demand, and has low server
side dependencies.

We'll look at how to use Cockpit on your CentOS systems, how Cockpit can
run over your SSH port, on otherwise firewalled systems.

The talk will also look at how Cockpit supplements other server
management tools. You can still use the terminal, scripts, or
configuration management along-side Cockpit.

There are demos included, and you can follow along on your own machines.

Speaker: Stef Walter

Stef Walter has contributed to over 100 different open source projects.
Most recently Cockpit has been his focus. He lives in Germany, wears a
hat, and works at Red Hat.

Length: 1 hour

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