[CentOS-promo] Daniel Paulus taking lead on org for bxl Dojo

Tue Dec 6 11:49:41 UTC 2016
Toshaan Bharvani | VanTosh <toshaan at vantosh.com>

On 29/11/16 14:29, Rich Bowen wrote:
> So ... it's been a week, and I'm still unsure what the path is here. Is
> there a call for papers of any kind? Is there a proposed schedule? Is
> there a web page that we can use to start promoting the event? With a
> lot of people being out for most of December, we really need to get
> things moving if we're going to have any chance of getting the word out.
As I have understood the venue has been 'arranged' but not confirmed 
yet, at least so far my update.
The dojo format never had a formal CFP, more an announce you talk on the 
ML and we'll look at it.
At least that was in the past the usual case.

> --Rich
> On 11/22/2016 10:09 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> hi
>> Daniel Paulus has offered to help with the organization and be a point
>> of contact for the Brussels Dojo in Feb 3rd 2017. The rest of the team
>> will still be supporting his efforts through the process.
>> Daniel has been a long standing friend of the CentOS Project, and
>> people who were at the very first dojo in Antwerp will remember him as
>> the person educating us about dogTag and cert authority management. He's
>> also been seen at other dojo's asking the hardest questions! But lets
>> not hold that against him, he's a full time devops consultant after all.
>> Asking the hard question is what he does :)
>> Kris Buytaert also joins the organisation group. With Fabian Arrotin
>> helping us on the ground, local to Brussels. Jim Perrin and Karsten Wade
>> continue to help with the Red Hat relationship. It shall be my aim to
>> support the group as best as I can.
>> Please join me in welcoming the expanding CentOS Dojo organization
>> group, and I look forward to seeing everyone in Feb.
>> Regards,
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