[CentOS-promo] Fwd: [FOSDEM standholders] Welcome to the FOSDEM 2019 standholders mailing list

Fri Nov 30 17:09:10 UTC 2018
Rich Bowen <rbowen at redhat.com>

On 11/27/18 5:26 AM, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
> On 26/11/18 15:05, Rich Bowen wrote:
>> Excellent!
>> On 11/23/18 1:47 AM, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
>>> Just to inform that we'll be at Fosdem 2019 and our request for a stand
>>> was accepted.
>>> WRT "logistic", I'd like to see what a "single table for all projects"
>>> means, but I'll keep the list informed as soon as I'll have received the
>>> answer
>> In the past, several "important" projects have been allocated two
>> tables. Sounds like they've ended that, maybe?
> Yes, that's what they meant .. Still waiting on the implementation plan
> but I guess (like it's the case for the last ~10y now) that we'll be
> next to the Fedora stand (and I'll even request that to be sure)
>> Related: Brian Exelbierd and I had started discussing joint
>> CentOS/Fedora swag, like we did last year, for DevConf.cz and FOSDEM. I
>> need to check my notes to see where we are on that, since I'm still
>> rebooting my brain from a 4 day weekend.
>> Fabian, will you please plan to bring your tablecloth and pull-up banner
>> so that I don't have to bring mine across the ocean?
> Sure, coming by train but surely something I can bring with me
> Which kind of "common swag" do you have in mind for this year ? For sure
> the idea of reusable bags was a good one last year as plenty of people
> were then using our bag to put all other collected items, so it was full
> of "centos/fedora bags" everywhere :)

We have made those bags, like last year, except that they're yellow this
time, instead of blue. And we made more than last time, since we ran out
pretty early last time.

And, of course, I'll bring a few thousand stickers. Which reminds me, I
need to get those ordered.

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