[CentOS-promo] CentOS 15th Birthday, 14 May 2019

Mon Oct 8 15:51:14 UTC 2018
Rich Bowen <rbowen at redhat.com>

Starting this discussion well in advance so that we have plenty of time 
to figure out what we want to do.

Looking back five years: 

I'm hoping to do many of the same things that were suggested last time, 

* Birthday cakes at each Dojo event in 2019, starting at FOSDEM. (I'm 
investigating adding this to our lunch at the Brussels Dojo.)

* Commemorative sports jersey in the style of the one in the above email 

* Retrospective blog series, including thoughts from the project 
founders, statistics over the years, and stories from users about how 
their use of CentOS has evolved over the last 15 years.

* Possibly a refresh of our web site design (including a consistent 
theme across wiki, forums, blog), incorporating a "15 years" message of 
some kind.

If you'd like to help with this effort, or have other suggestions, 
please speak up. The actual date of the birthday is 14 May 2019, but I 
think we want to make it a year-long celebration, rather than a single 
day event.

Rich Bowen - rbowen at redhat.com
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