[CentOS-promo] CentOS Dojo Managua 2019

Tue Oct 29 17:22:46 UTC 2019
Rich Bowen <rbowen at redhat.com>

Hi, William,

do you yet have any further information about this Dojo? Date? Location?

On 9/24/19 2:56 PM, William Moreno wrote:
> Hello, with the release of CentOS 8 we are planning to organice a 
> CentOS Dojo in Managua (Nicaragua), this is as far as I know the first 
> CentOS event in Managua, I have a lot of experience setting up Fedora 
> related events and I want to help to promote CentOS as well.
> Also I made a pull request of the [1] Promo-Artwork repo in github to 
> update some swag ideas and made some CentOS related stuff that share 
> on DeviantArt [2].
> Any help of idea about the event is welcome

I'm not sure who can merge these pull requests. It does not appear that 
this is an active Git repo - hasn't been touched in 5 years. I wonder if 
there's a comparable repo over on git.centos.org that has more eyes on it?

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