[CentOS-virt] 5.1: problem opening console from vm manager

Tue Dec 18 20:46:32 UTC 2007
Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com>

With the upgrade to 5.1 I get new behavior when I "open" the console from 
vm manager. Before 5.1 it showed the console login message like on a 
physical machine. However, with 5.1 I get a window that wants a password 
and has a checkbox "save the password in your keyring". What password? No 
matter, what I enter there the window just hangs and when I try to close 
it I get a "not responding" dialog and finally the whole VM manager gets 
killed.  I can switch to serial console on that machine window fine.
I was able to get to the console of the VM when I opened it *during* the 
boot up. Then it scrolls out the normal bootup information and finally 
stops at the login message and I can login, just like before 5.1. But if I 
open the console once it's already booted up I get this dreaded 
"Password:" prompt.
I can also switch and login with "xm console", but using the vm manager 
way doesn't work. (BTW: how can I switch back from a DomU console to the 
Dom0 console in a terminal tab? When I "exit" it just logs me out and 
presents the login message of the DomU. It doesn't go back to the host 


Kai Schätzl, Berlin, Germany
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