[CentOS-virt] i386 VM on x86_64 host in Xen

Tue Dec 11 01:34:47 UTC 2007
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Scott Dowdle wrote:
> Of course, there are some situations where OpenVZ (ie OS Virtualization) isn't suitable... but for the vast majority of common server tasks, it is.  I don't claim you should try that many virtual machines on a single host node but it just goes to show you the density differences possible between Xen and OpenVZ, eh? :)

apart from mass scale hosting solutions, I am yet to see a role where 
openvz actually provided a better all around VM solution than Xen. Even 
the management tools and the developer support behind Xen far out 
weights that on openvz.

And for those mass hosting solutions, a bit of security minded setups 
would remove the need to have this sort of a virtual userspace 
virtualising anyway. ( in a lot of the cases )

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