[CentOS-virt] New to the list ... Looking foranyrecommendations inre: VMWare Vs. Xen

Fri Nov 9 21:45:06 UTC 2007
Holtz,Robert <Robert.Holtz at edwardjones.com>

Hmm ... You make an good point. 

So it sounds to me that ease of use and performance can both be achieved
with VMWare on *nix.

Over the past 20+ years I've had far too many driver nightmares on
multiple operating systems so this is something that can easy drive me
away.  I'm just going for the path of least resistance.

When you tested the two against each other what were your metrics ...
just curious.  Since I'm, more or less, looking to build a server farm
(4 MS) I'm not concerned about video but hard drive performance would be
of interest.  The other *nix VM's mentioned: Solaris & Fedora, are just
for reference so performance on these is a non-issue.

This drifts a bit off topic but what are your thoughts on running VM's
on their own hard drives, i.e., having all of the VM files stored on a
RAID5 volume or each on its' own HDD?  I'm looking at RAID5 for the
primary storage volume (nVidia motherboard based).

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Then forget about Xen (just my opinion) , i mean Xen without proprietary
drivers for the emulated nics, scsi controllers etc ... 

I've seen during my tests that it's faster to run a Windows (with the
freely available/included vmware guest drivers) box inside of Vmware
server than the same Windows (without any optimized drivers, because not
availble) in Xen ...

I know that such 'accelerated' drivers for Xen are available from
Xensource and were announced also by Novell (for a annual price of 300 $
/ guest iirc ! , to be verified though).

Red Hat announced the same thing (no prices yet) for the xen optimized
drivers for unmodified OSes for 5.1 ...