[CentOS-virt] Re: [kvm-devel] kvm guests are not able to restart

Mon Sep 3 15:18:48 UTC 2007
Farkas Levente <lfarkas at bppiac.hu>

Luca wrote:
> On 9/3/07, Farkas Levente <lfarkas at bppiac.hu> wrote:
>> hi,
>> i've got a centos-5 x86_64 kvm-35 host system with one centos-5 i386 and
>> one x86_64 guests. but none of the guest are able to restart. ie. i
>> login to the guests and restart it. it start's as normal reboot, but
>> after the last command (shuting down md device) it's do nothing, but in
>> virt-manager i see 50% load on the guest. the biggest problem currently
>> i can't find any way to restart any guest's other then shutdown and use
>> virt-manager and restart them:-(
>> what can be a problem? is it a known bug or it's just not working for me?
> It's known, but ATM there's no fix available. For more details see:
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.emulators.kvm.devel/5651/focus=6003
> and following mails.

is this really true? this means kvm are not usable any real environment
since imho the feature to be able to reboot a server is essential!

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