[CentOS-virt] Re: [kvm-devel] (long) kvm and virt-manager not ready for daily usage

Sat Sep 8 19:03:05 UTC 2007
Akemi Yagi <amyagi at gmail.com>

On 9/8/07, Anthony Liguori <anthony at codemonkey.ws> wrote:

> I'm having difficulty understanding what your problem is.  Are you
> saying that guest SMP isn't working for you?  The host OS definitely
> shouldn't crash.  Can you be more specific about what configs you are
> using?  There was a host oops fixed in kvm-36 so upgrading may help you.

I have not spent enough time on kvm, so cannot make any technically
useful comment.  It's just observations.  This is with kvm-35; when
the guest crashes, it takes the whole system down. The  only way out
it to reboot.  Again no analysis done yet.  But if kvm-36 addresses a
host oops, I should try that.

Daniel, any chance you can make the -36 available in c5-testing?