[CentOS-virt] Re: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.

Pierre-Philipp Braun

pbraun at wda-fr.org
Mon Apr 14 16:11:25 UTC 2008

And here's the xend-config.sxp which I also forgot:
(loglevel DEBUG)
(xend-unix-server yes)
(xend-unix-path /var/lib/xend/xend-socket)
(xend-relocation-hosts-allow '^localhost$ ^localhost\\.localdomain$')
#(console-limit 1024)

(network-script 'network-bridge bridge=xenbr0')
#(network-script 'network-bridge netdev=eth0 bridge=xenbr0') ==> netdev
peth ou eth???
#(vif-script 'vif-bridge bridge=xenbr0')
(vif-script vif-bridge)

(dom0-min-mem 192)
(dom0-cpus 0)
#(enable-dump no)
#(vnc-listen '')
(vncpasswd 'I_dont_use_it')

Pierre-Philipp Braun

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