[CentOS-virt] Convirt + CentOS 5

Sat Apr 12 16:13:00 UTC 2008
Alan Murrell <lists at murrell.ca>

Hi There,

I am currently running CentOS 5.1 with the RPMs that come with the 
"Virtualization" package and using the virt-manager gui.  I really like 
the look of "convirt" (formerly "xenman") and was thinking of doing the 

   - Compile the SRPMs for Xen 3.2 from source and install over top of 
the existing Xen (I have an x86_64 machine)
   - Use the latest version of Convirt

I was wondering if anyone has done either of the above, and if you had 
run into any problems?  In other words:

   1.) What sort of issues (if any) did you run in to when installing 
Xen 3.2 over top of the the 3.0.3 that comes with CentOS 5.1?
   2.) Are you running in to issues using Convirt (I had heard about 
some issues some users had had trying to using it under CentOS5, but 
wanted to see of they still persist)

TIA for your advice.