[CentOS-virt] dd trough scp with tar

Fri Apr 25 20:48:17 UTC 2008
David Hláčik <david at hlacik.eu>


first i will explain my experiment :

We have ESX server running virtual machines .We want to migrate to XEN. As i
did not found any tool for transfering ESX to for example real server, or
better to XEN --> please correct me if i am wrong , i found following
approach :

i will inside virtual machine on ESX boot from Live-CD of CentOS , using dd
i will transfer images trought scp to CentOs machine with xen. I believe
this one should work, machines on ESX are Windows2003 Servers.
So what i need to find is how to write a command which will transfer image
trought scp , but for faster transfer also compress  it before using tar, or

*so my input will be dd if=/dev/sda1 , my output will be gzipped or tarred
image on second side. sda1.img.gz*
Thanks in advance!

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