[CentOS-virt] xenbr0 isn't created anymore

Wed Apr 2 11:31:14 UTC 2008
Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com>

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The solution was simple. I had actually already thought about it from the 
beginning, but somehow lost track and forgot about trying it.
I swapped the IP numbers on eth0 and eth0:0 and it started working.

As a reminder: eth0 had a public IP address and eth0:0 holds the private 
one which is in the same subnet as the IPs handed out by dhcpd. This setup 
isn't a problem for any packets except for DHCP replies to a bridged 
virtual network it seems. dhcpd sends out the reply from the public IP 
address (=(p)eth0) and directs the packet to the private IP address. It 
never makes it to eth0 for whatever reason. I assume some extra routing or 
so might be necessary and I must have hit it somehow earlier yesterday, 
but couldn't reproduce it. Interestingly, the packet (even when it works) 
doesn't show up in iptables at all. I set logging for all chains and udp 
packets to these ports and there is nothing. It shows up only in 
tcpdumping of peth0. One probably needs ebtables to get any hold of these 


Kai Schätzl, Berlin, Germany
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