[CentOS-virt] Xen List

Thu Apr 17 20:09:27 UTC 2008
Joseph L. Casale <jcasale at ActiveNetwerx.com>

>What happens if you just remove the ifcfg file for this
>interface? What does Xen do with it? What if you have an
>ifcfg file, but setup no IP address on it?

Bear with me Ross, my Linux skills are new :) Won't CentOS create the ifcfg on the fly when it boots (I think thats what happens, I may have tried and I wont have acess to the box untill tonight). I will check into these points.

>Of course you can pass the NIC through to the PVM which
>I suspect is what you are thinking of doing.

Yup, so I hoped to make that work (I imagine its most secure)! Somehting is wrong with the way I am blocking it, I don't what though yet! I tried to compile from source to make the menuconfig change and I cant make that work... Can you set the pciback option in the srpm's build routine somehow? I have no issues making the srpm.

>There is shorewall which is in the repo. Or maybe smoothwall
>can run inside a PVM?

Thats good to know, I will check both out!