[CentOS-virt] RE: [CentOS] dd trough scp with tar

Sat Apr 26 00:11:58 UTC 2008
Joseph L. Casale <jcasale at ActiveNetwerx.com>

>Hi, thanks for answer, now i know it will work, btw. does it works good in xen for your after moving from esx?
>Did you feel like performace is same, or ESX was faster?
>And then at last ... what you have done with PCI unknown hardware driver on windows when running on xen? :)
>Thanks in advance, this was really great information ,now i feel that my concept was right!

I am probably going to invoke a series of emotional based responses with mine, but IMHO vmware is
an incredibly enterprisable product, very polished, very robust and it works just plain good. It's also been
around a long time. Xen is a new product, and at that you are using their opensource version. If you want
everything working perfectly, get the marketed version, otherwise you are using software that is in development.
Don't let that comment give you the idea Xen isn't good, its awesome but you get what you pay for, and
vmware is expensive for example.

As far as how it worked, its not as fast as there are no stable pv drivers yet. Its slower, but it works.

The unknown device is well, unknown, and it simply remains that way:)

Good luck!