[CentOS-virt] Instalation Windows XP to XEN(Dom0 is CentOS 5)

Wed Apr 30 15:07:09 UTC 2008
Piotr Jasiukajtis <estseg at gmail.com>

I had the same issue with OpenSolaris xVM.
virt-install doesn't store cdrom setting into HVM domU config.
You have to add it by hand.

Dnia 30-04-2008, Åšr o godzinie 10:29 +0200, Pavel Muller pisze:
> Hello,
> I have problem with instalation Windows XP to XEN(Dom0 is CentOS 5).
> XEN is in last version for Cent OS 5(I am not sure but I think that is
> 3.0.4). CPU is Intel C2D with virtualization support. During the
> wizzard I chose FULLY virt. Windows was installed from ISO image to
> IMG file. During the installation appeared the dialog box with
> message: asms file is needed, insert please instalation CD. In
> virt-manager I added CD (CD is all right), but this action was without
> effect. Can you help me please? Do you have experience with "XP to
> XEN"?
> Regards Pavel
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