[CentOS-virt] problems

Tue Aug 12 07:31:33 UTC 2008
Paolo Supino <paolo.supino at gmail.com>


  I've installed CentOS 5.2 as a guest OS inside VMWare server 1.0.6 running
on a Windows XP SP3 (logged in as a local user belonging to the
administrator's group). Networking is setup as bridge and the guest OS has
it's own IP address (I'm also sitting on a public IP so there is no NAT
between the CentOS installation and the Internet).
I'm experiencing the following problems:
1. VMWare tools installation failed. First attempt was with the RPM and
second attempt was with the tar.gz. In both attempts there were no errors in
the installations.
2. I installed Eclipse CDT and it fails to start. It brings up a (what I
guess is) alert window, but I can't see what is the warning inside the
window because the window doesn't display any text. JRE version installed on
the system is 1.6.0_07 installed via Sun's supplied RPM and replacing the
Java link in /etc/alternatives
3. After installing VMWare tools I tried changing the screen size from
800x600 to 1024x768 (XP windows size is set to 1280x1024) and now X crashes
when it attempts to start (easily fixed by putting screen size back to
800x600, but I don't want to do that).

   Has anyone encounter similar problems and can help me?

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