[CentOS-virt] Crash with qemu install: 5.2 as host and 5.2 as guest

Mon Dec 1 09:03:24 UTC 2008
Michael Kress <kress at hal.saar.de>

Manuel Wolfshant wrote:

> Install a minimal 5.1 and update to a kernel post -92.1.6

Ok, just to understand it for myself:
* install minimal 5.1 / do NOT "yum update"
* install johnny's Kernel
* reboot
* uninstall older kernels (necessary?)
* wait for 5.3 / do NOT "yum update" during that period
* test with 5.3 live or rescue cd - if 5.2 guests run, then continue
* "yum update" as soon as 5.3 is out and be happy with 5.3
* if 5.3 fails, reinstall 5.1 - the image files for the guests would be on
another partition, so dom0 can be freshly installed.

Is that the "roadmap" to follow in my case?

What about security, staying for 2 or 3 months at an old release? IMHO
it's not THAT severe, because my main work will take place within the
guests and there it's possible to keep the software up to date. Therefore
the dom0 would only have ssh, ftp and possibly vnc as running services,
just the minimum to run guests.