[CentOS-virt] No CD/DVD option in virt-manager for para-virtualized VM?

Wed Jan 2 21:33:34 UTC 2008
brad lodgen <darkerosxx.virt at gmail.com>

Hey Everyone,

I'm fairly new to linux(6 months or so experience) and very new to using Xen
virtualization. First post on the mailing list here! Thanks in advance for
any and all help attempts, whether it actually helps me or not!

I've been reading the Red Hat virtualization guide and in the appendix labs,
using virt-manager, it says to:

"Specify either CD-ROM or DVD and enter the path to install media. Specify
ISO Image location if you will install from an ISO image. Click Forward."

Is this option only available in fully-virtualized VM installs? It asks for
URL media only when picking para-virtualized VM.

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