[CentOS-virt] VMware images

Mon Jan 7 03:27:12 UTC 2008
Ted Miller <tedjeanmiller at sbcglobal.net>

>> Can someone please clarify the status of minimal install images of 
>> Centos 5 for VMware?  I see the work that 'tru' did, but it is still at 
> The images that Tru did are the only official ones...
>> 5 (not 5.1).    Is that the best image available (just run yum 
>> update), or what about the minimal image listed on the VMware Virtual 
>> Appliance site?
> If you dont download the image from .centos.org - its not a CentOS image.

OK, so I downloaded the image and unzipped it.  (The first time I tried to
unzip it from Konqueror, it installed the little files, but left all the
.vmdk files as 0 byte files).

I changed the root password.

1. The first think I get is an error message saying that it can't find
vmnet(8), so the network card will start disconnected.

Shut it down, changed configuration to connect network card to bridged
network connection.

2. I reboot, I can see my network (including my firewall with dns service),
but cannot ping the Internet.

Is there any documentation for this image?  If it is this hard to live
with, no one is going to be interested in using it.  It needs to be either
more user friendly, or it needs documentation.

What do I do to let it see the Internet?  At the moment it is pretty
useless to me.  I can't use yum, because it can't see anything.

Ted Miller