[CentOS-virt] Kernel panic in DomU when using swiotlb=force option

Tue Jan 29 04:16:10 UTC 2008
Ross S. W. Walker <rwalker at medallion.com>

Michael Olson wrote:
> I'm trying to get a PVR-150 PCI card imported into a Xen 
> DomU, however 
> the driver blows up the kernel when loaded. The work around for this 
> mentioned in various places is to use swiotlb=force on the 
> DomU kernel. 
> That leads to a fast and furious kernel panic. I've tried 
> this with all 
> Dom0 & DomU running kernel-xen-2.6.18-53.el5
> kernel-xen-2.6.18-53.1.6.el5, bot x86 and 86_64 versions, also tried 
> iommu=soft and various sizing options with swiotbl. Any ideas 
> on how to 
> fix or work-around this?
> Thanks

Maybe you should try the Xen 3.2 for CentOS 5.1 that is posted on
xen.org. I have had good luck with this.


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