[CentOS-virt] Windows HVM VMs - speed needed...


sdw2 at shineonline.co.nz
Sun Jul 20 17:48:01 UTC 2008

> I have heard of one other option:
> Halsign TurboGate Tools
> http://www.halsign.com/
> I haven't tried them personally, but I have seen them announced on the
> Xen mailing lists.

Thanks Todd,

I did try loading the Halsign RPMs, but my mistake I forgot about the 
LGPL PV drivers I had loaded some time back and it crashed the test VM - 
it wouldn't start. In the end decided to play safe and just went with 
Windows on bare hardware (non virtualized) as this machine is mostly 
file serving and is remote.

Have a number of Xen Linux on Linux systems which are very successful.


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