[CentOS-virt] VMWare - 5.2 Update - Kernel Best Practices

Johnny Hughes

johnny at centos.org
Sun Jun 29 15:24:17 UTC 2008

John Thomas wrote:
> David Hollis wrote:
>> Is there any detail on when you would actually need to use the
>> clocksource= option?  I'd love to not have to deal with the kernel-vm
>> packages since there doesn't appear to be a repo for them yet and if you
>> have other requirements like kmod-drbd you have to manually rebuild
>> those.
> I use clocksource=pit because my VM clocks ran WAY fast without it. They 
> still run a bit fast (1 second per 6 hours type of thing).  If you do 
> not use a clocksource option, how are your clocks?

One thing to make sure of if your clock is running fast is to get the 
correct setting for this in your vmx file for the VM:

host.cpukHz =

See this link for more info:


Note:  if you do not have the command cpufreq-info you can get it by 
installing cpufreq-utils with this command:

yum install cpufreq-utils

Then set the value based on the above article, then time might not run 
as fast.

Johnny Hughes

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