[CentOS-virt] tick divider bugs

Mon May 5 10:11:47 UTC 2008
Daniel de Kok <daniel at centos.org>

On Mon, May 5, 2008 at 11:06 AM, Allen Tsang <atsang at advance.net> wrote:
>  By Paravirtualization, I mean the installation of "tools" or "guest
> additions" type packages, which present virtual interfaces to the guest OS.
> So in VMware, a component of this would mean setting "ethernet0.virtualDev =
> vmxnet", and having the tools modules pre-installed.  A fully virtualized OS
> for VMware would support all that crap.

Let's call these paravirtualized drivers ;), because the system itself
is fully virtualized under VMWare and VirtualBox, that's why they can
run unmodified operating systems.

>  I know of tru's efforts and others on this front and I really appreciate
> the knowledge they have brought to the table, but I feel that it's about
> time that some dedicated entity step in and 'solve' this problem

Can you concretely define the problem, and your proposed solution? I
am not sure what you are aiming for, and what Tru's images are missing
that you are looking for.

> One man cannot keep such a beast up to date; it needs to be a
> dedicated effort or project.

I think Tru is doing a great job this far. The thing is that we could
make a project out of any problem, but that in practice all work is
done by one or a few dedicated people. Look at the i586 project: a lot
of people say they need CentOS-5 for i586, some people volunteer, some
people insist on creating a subproject for this, but in practice
nothing happens until someone single-handedly gets the effort going.

To me, it seems best to send suggestions to Tru if something is
missing. If you want to create something different, write a proposal
and send it to this list (if it is related to virtualization, -devel

Take care,