[CentOS-virt] Web based management system for Xen

Thu May 15 09:37:16 UTC 2008
ijez <ijez76 at gmail.com>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> I dont see the Xen word in your reply :D

Ok, sorry if that wasn't what you're looking for, my bad for point that out :(

> Also guys, I was really hoping for things that people would have
> used. I know loads of people who use various tools, I was just
> wondering if the people on this list were using something they would
> personally recommend. 

I'm currently running PVE on all of my 64bit server doing mostly CentOS 4 / 5 in OpenVZ container and a couple of w2k3 server in the full virtualizations with KVM. Centralize web base management in the clusters mode is to hard to resist :) 

Oh, did i mention that you could remote access to the node and it's guest without leaving your web browser? :)

Ok, enough said, i'm not answering your questions, so i will sit and shut my mouth :)

> Regards,
> - KB

Sorry for the noise,