[CentOS-virt] xen kernel showing only one processor on SMP

Mon May 19 22:54:02 UTC 2008
Hristo Benev <foxb at abv.bg>

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 >Hristo Benev wrote:
 >> What if you boot with other kernel?
 >> If you have the same result maybe BIOS update is required for your server?!
 >Hi thanks for the response
 >BIOS is updated and current, if I boot to gentoo liveCD, I see the 
 >expected 4 processors. This server has indeed shown TWO processors using 
 >centOS xen-kernel before, but now after some time and upgrades I notice 
 >there is only one (again!).
 >Is it as simple as BIOS in every case, or is there some other path to 
 >discovering the problem I can try? (I have done many many hours of forum 
 >searches and googling on this issue) Thank you
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The kernel does not support your ACPI BIOS (most probably).

You may try to disable ACPI or better fill bug report in CentOS bugtracker.

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