[CentOS-virt] Need Help with Xen Please

Sun Nov 16 01:55:38 UTC 2008
Michael Hall <mick at mjhall.org>

> I am new to Xen and have been having problems getting it to run properly on
> CentOS 5.2. One thing to note is that the base Xen installs fine it seems
> but when trying to create the virtual instance (domU) it says it cannot
> connect to the console.  I have looked up the error but cannot find anything
> specific to try.  I currently only have access to the server remotely via
> SSH, if this matters at all. 

I'm a Xen newbie myself, but it has worked fine for me so far using GUI tools and on a server that supports hardware virtualisation.

I suppose the first questions are:

Is xend running?

What tools are you using to create domU?
Forgive me if I'm telling you something you already know, but on the command line your options are virsh and xm, virt-manager is GUI only AFAIK.

Are you working as root? You probably need to be.