[CentOS-virt] Need Help with Xen Please

Mon Nov 17 18:12:51 UTC 2008
Caitlyn O'Hanna <ravenoak at virtualxistenz.com>

On Sat, 2008-11-15 at 19:18 -0700, Jason Taylor wrote:
> Michael:
> I was following the tutorial at http://www.howtoforge.com/centos_5.0_xen  I
> was not aware that virt-manager is GUI only. 
> Xend does start and I can do everything listed in the tutorial until I get
> to the virt-manager part. 
> What command line do you use to create a virtual server with virtsh? I am
> running as root, so that shouldn't be the issue. 
> The hardware does support virtualization and that is switched on in the
> BIOS. 

You can use `virt-install` to install a guest.  To my knowledge, you
don't need any processor extensions to run Xen as it is a modified
kernel for para-virtualisation.

For Xen management I just use `xm ${command}` and I've heard that you
don't want to mix management with `xm` and `virsh`, so choose one and
stick with it.  `xm create ${domain}` will start the specified 'domain'
with the config file of the same name in /etc/xen.

I hope that helps you out a bit :)