[CentOS-virt] Crash with qemu install: 5.2 as host and 5.2 as guest

Fri Nov 28 10:32:33 UTC 2008
Michael Kress <kress at hal.saar.de>

Akemi Yagi wrote:

> The fix will be in CentOS 5.3.  So, at this point, you would either
> have to wait for 5.3 or use Johnny's kernel for now.

As far as I gathered from different sources, RHEL 5.3 will be in Testing
Phase until begin of January. Shortly after, we could expect RHEL 5.3 to
be released and then again shortly after we could expect CentOS 5.3 to be
released in about February/March. Am I right?

> I believe a
> newer (current) version of the patched kernel will be made available
> as soon as developers find the time to build.

I hope so, too. ;-)