[CentOS-virt] Can't get PCI card visible in guest

Fri Oct 31 23:37:29 UTC 2008
Kenneth Tanzer <ktanzer at desc.org>

Thanks.  I actually was running pygrub, and I _swear_ that the first 
time I ran it, it said that the initrd was not found.  I then copied it 
to the host, and it ran.  This actually brings me to another question/issue:

It really honestly seems to me that sometimes I was getting inconsistent 
results, at least vis a vis the _current_ state of configuration files.  
Also, I've had situations where I've been unable to destory machines 
from the graphical virt-manager, but able to do so with xm.  Yesterday, 
I had a guest that didn't show up on an xm list, but showed up in the 
virt-manager, constantly toggling between running and stopped.

My questions are:

1) whether either xm or virt-manager do any kind of caching of settings, 
so that your current configuration might not actually be what is executed?

2) does going through the xen / grub boot process do any kind of 
changing or writing of settings?  Again, I swear there were times where 
I got different results on the second boot than the first one.

3) finally, what would account for the differences between virt-manager 
and xm, and also is there any magic way to destroy an un-destroyable 
machine without having to reboot your computer?

Thanks all--this seems like a very helpful mailing list!


Brett Worth wrote:
> Kenneth Tanzer wrote:
>> Unfortunately, as it turns out, there are then a bunch of additional
>> Asterisk modules that I would need to build for the xen kernel, and I
>> didn't have any luck finding the source, so I think I might give up on
>> this for a while.
> If you are using paravirtualisation then you can use pygrub instead of booting the kernel
> directly so that the kernel/initrd files etc are in the guest's storage.  The virt-manager
> will configure pygrub by default when installing a client.  You could install a temporary
> guest using virt-manager and see how it does the config of pygrub.
> This thread has some interesting info:
>      http://lists.xensource.com/archives/html/xen-users/2006-12/msg00902.html
> Brett
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