[CentOS-virt] redhat's Qumranet acquisition


mick at mjhall.org
Wed Sep 10 09:02:30 UTC 2008

We're looking for a virtualisation platform to deploy in our production 
environment (local government network).

After considering VMWare, we're probably most interested in Xen.
We would be using RHEL/CentOS hosts, so I'm wondering how much time and 
energy to put into Xen if it will be "deprecated" in 12-18 months. The 
boss has sensibly ruled out KVM/Ovirt for the time being. I guess RH 
will make sure Xen->KVM migration fairly seamless when the time comes.

My boss seems most interested in a paid XenSource enterprise solution, 
which apparently runs on CentOS?

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> admin wrote:
>> So when can we expect KVM/Ovirt to ship as RHEL/CentOS's default 
>> virtualisation solution?
> oVirt itself is in beta now - you should be able to get pkgs and try it 
> out NOW. and for most part, it works fine ( in the small scope of 
> testing that I've done personally )
> - KB
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