[CentOS-virt] Xen kickstart and virt-manager

Wed Sep 10 10:10:27 UTC 2008
Brett Worth <brett at worth.id.au>

Hi again.

I'm pleased to say that my experimentation with ocfs2 has been very successful and I'm 
considering doing some real work with it.

My current question is related to virt-manager and the use of kickstart to install 
paravirtualised domU's.  I'm happily doing fully-virtualised installs with this tool but 
due to poor network performance I thought it time to do some para-virtualised testing.  In 
the dialog where I'm asked to supply the URL for the install repository and the kickstart 
location I'm unable to use the "file://..." construct so I'm left with a selection that 
only includes locations on the network.

Now my network interface information for the domU is in the kickstart file so when I move 
forward in the tool there's a message saying that its trying to determine a network 
address, presumably via DHCP (I am unable to put a dhcp server on this network).  From the 
command line I can use wget against the kickstart file at the URL I'm providing so that's OK.

I'm obviously overlooking something but its currently got me puzzled.  So how is this 
supposed to work?  Am I supposed to do the network configuration for the installation 
somewhere else?