[CentOS-virt] WinXP Xen guest: compare VNC vs RDP

Wed Apr 22 23:39:32 UTC 2009
Christopher G. Stach II <cgs at ldsys.net>

----- "Ed Heron" <Ed at Heron-ent.com> wrote:

>   I am interested in the multiple connections allowed with VNC for
> support 
> type console sharing.  When connected with RDP, the console of the VM
> has a 
> login screen, so you can't use VNC to the console at the same time as
> a RDP 
> connection...

You can handle this with Thinstation and many other thin clients.

>   I think I've got the VM's setup with sparse files.  An ls shows the
> 10GB 
> size, but df doesn't show all the space in use.  However, this is a
> minor 
> issue.  The virtual server I'm looking at has the capacity for a
> couple of 
> terabytes of hardware RAID storage.

Ouch.  If VM disk performance ever becomes a factor, you're better off with LVs.  You're better off with LVs in almost every case for other reasons, as well.  The beta paravirt drivers have been pretty stable for me.  If they ever screw up a client VM, just reprovision it and hope it doesn't happen again for a while (or just reprovision for every single client login.)  You have all of your mutable data on network disks, right? :)  I've never seen any problems, though.

> > - last issue did not occur with stock Xen but with v3.3: Java inside
> the
> > VM went nuts and starting consuming 99% of the processor.. while
> doing
> > nothing. Once we reverted to stock Xen from C5.2, it went back to
> normal.
>   I'm going to be trying to avoid using other than stock Xen.  This
> has got 
> to reproducible and supportable.  I'm thinking of setting up a local
> repo to 
> prevent automatic updates from breaking anything.

IIRC, that Java problem was fixed, anyway.

Christopher G. Stach II