[CentOS-virt] xendomains not autostarting

Wed Dec 2 12:38:12 UTC 2009
Ben M. <centos at rivint.com>

Thanks for everyone's help here. I need to put a RAID on this anyhow and 
am just losing way to much time on this and can't resolve it. I am 
pretty sure I inadvertently hosed something by removing a service (or 
subsequent dependency) from dom0 or "playing" with xm and virsh commands 
too much. One of the great things about a Xen environment is its ability 
to recover from a disaster in minimal time.

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
>> [root at dom0 ~]# xenstored
>> [root at dom0 ~]# FATAL: Failed to initialize dom0 state: Invalid argument
> Should be already running, did you check with ps? I get this error as 
> well, when I try to run it while running.
> Kai