[CentOS-virt] About doing backups with kvm guests

Sat Dec 12 13:03:58 UTC 2009
Kenni Lund <kenni at kelu.dk>

2009/12/11 Christopher G. Stach II <cgs at ldsys.net>:
> ----- "carlopmart" <carlopmart at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Christopher G. Stach II wrote:
>> > ----- "carlopmart" <carlopmart at gmail.com> wrote:
>> >
>> >>   which is the best form to backup and restore these windows
>> guests?
>> >> Some examples?
>> >
>> > Shadow copy and amanda/zmanda.
>> >
>> Do you mean "Volume Shadow copy" Windows feature?
> Yep.

I'm also very interested in how to make backups of Windows guests on
LVM. But will the shadow copy feature in amanda not only backup the
files within the Windows machine? I don't think I fully understand the
method - How do you then do a full restore, eg. with no working
Windows machine? Would you then have to do a clean install of Windows
in order to get the partition and bootloader setup correctly, after
which you can do the restore by overwriting all files?

Best Regards
Kenni Lund