[CentOS-virt] Mixed dom0/domU usage?

Wed Feb 4 15:56:04 UTC 2009
Henrik Holmboe <henrik at holmboe.se>

++ 04/02/09 09:27 -0500 - Ben Montanelli:
>With this in mind, that dom0 should be lightweight, is there a list of
>optimal minimal services to run in a CentOS dom0?
>I assume no need to uninstall, just a service toggle off in runlevels 3
>and 5?

I run this in Centos 5.x domU's:

 for svc in acpid apmd bluetooth cpuspeed gpm microcode_ctl \
     pcscd smartd irqbalance mdmonitor; \
     do chkconfig $svc off; \
     service $svc stop; \

And in addition to that I also run this in Centos 5.x dom0's:

 for svc in bluetooth gpm pcscd cups avahi-daemon yum-updatesd; \
     do chkconfig $svc off; \
     service $svc stop; \

There is some overlap, and possibly services that I've missed - but these are
from my notes when I had a look at it. Feel free to comment.


Henrik Holmboe, Stockholm, Sweden