[CentOS-virt] Activity logger for Xen Guest Domains using libvirt

Fri Jan 9 20:58:56 UTC 2009
Luke S Crawford <lsc at prgmr.com>

"Devraj Mukherjee" <devraj at gmail.com> writes:
> Wondering if anyone knows of any tools I can run on my Dom0 to log
> various stats (like CPU usage, memory usage, etc) for each guest
> domain for analysis over a period of time? I can see that xentop
> displays that information anyway but would be nice to be able to
> present that information on a web based interface for day to day
> administration.

I'm looking for the same thing.  Looks like it's going to take some 
development work. I have found a interesting nagios plugin, see:


Have you looked to see if there are snmp MIBs for what you need?  I know
that works pretty well for monitoring per-DomU disk and network stats,
I don't know if it would work for per-domU CPU (without running SNMP on the
DomUs themselves, which I'd like to avoid.)