[CentOS-virt] Best virtualization setup for Centos 5.2

Thu Jan 22 15:40:58 UTC 2009
Sergej Kandyla <sk.paix at gmail.com>

Scott Dowdle пишет:
>> What could you say about stability of OpenVZ ?
>> Afaik, OpenVZ kernel is based on RHEL/CentOS kernel, but what the
>> difference between them?
>> Is any RHEL stability patches also included in OpenVZ kernel ?
> The OpenVZ Project currently has three stable kernel branches: 1) RHEL4 2.6.9 based, 2) RHEL5 2.6.18 based, and 3) vanilla 2.6.18.  They have a number of development branches that may or may not make it to stable including 2.6.24 (used by Ubuntu), 2.6.26 (in the upcoming Debian 5.0), and 2.6.27.
> Whenever Red Hat releases a kernel update they try to upgrade OpenVZ but the porting effort and the QA testing efforts can take some time... and sometimes Red Hat will come out with another kernel update before OpenVZ has released the last one.  As a result, OpenVZ can at times lag behind the Red Hat kernel some.  Of course they try to give more weight to serious security problems and released a update to the vslice issue (a very serious security issue in a range of mainline kernels a while ago) about the same time the CentOS project did... if I remember correctly.
> So far as stability goes, I haven't had any issues with their kernels so I have found them to be very stable.

Thanks a lot!

I've setuped a test box just now.
First impressions are very good! OpenVZ looks much better than FreeBSD 
jails i've used before!

PS. I hope one day openvz will come in the mainstream linux kernel and 
appear in RHEL\CentOS kernel... :)