[CentOS-virt] Tiny OT: yum priorities or protectbase

Mon Jun 29 21:12:52 UTC 2009
Ben Montanelli <montanelli at rivint.com>

I'm elevating myself from "noob" to "noob with scars." I'm not one to 
ask a lot of questions if I have time to find out on my own.

I now know at least a half dozen ways to hose a solid CentOS Xen 
install. That's a good thing, I learn from mistakes. Like forgetting to 
actually completely configure priority statements in the repo confs.

In the past I have used yum protect-base, but about a year ago or so I 
switched to yum priorities because it seems a bit more granular.

Is there a recommended preference on CentOS Xen installs? I'm pretty 
conservative now and won't go near Plus or Contribs, I do have Convirt 
repos in and it looks like they pulldown a couple dependencies from 
RPMForge (paramiko and socat).

I don't plan on anymore repos, but am wary enough to want to nail my 
last install down.

Any prefs here for CentOS Xen? Yum Protect-base or Priorities?