[CentOS-virt] Migrating from KVM to XEN - kernel panic

Tue Nov 10 00:13:20 UTC 2009
Christopher G. Stach II <cgs at ldsys.net>

----- "Christopher Hunt" <dharmachris at gmail.com> wrote:

> ugh.... after doing inglorious battle, I return. It's definitely
> situation (1). The error messages haven't changed. Inside the init
> file, should the paths references be from the point of view of Dom0?

This is the initrd, running in the context of the guest. dom0 doesn't matter at this point.

> lvm vgchange -ay --ignorelockingfailure vg00
> resume /dev/vg00/swap00

If swap00 is the name of the LV for the guest, those look correct.

> mkrootdev -t ext3 -o defaults,ro /dev/mapper/vg00-root

If "root" is the name of the LV for the guest, that looks okay, too.

> Also, should the xen host config file (/etc/xen/guest02) root
> parameter point to the dom0 root or the block device for the domU?

The guest's. That is basically what would go on the kernel command line, say, in grub.conf.

Christopher G. Stach II