[CentOS-virt] XEN and RH 6

Tue Nov 10 10:27:57 UTC 2009
carlopmart <carlopmart at gmail.com>

Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:

>> Still it isn't official, but Citrix XenServer will disappears soon ... It will be 
>> integrated under Microsoft Hyper-V ....
> Uhm.. I don't believe this. Where did you read that? 
> Citrix XenServer was opensourced last week, or the hypervisor+tools
> part, the xencenter management interface remains closed source (but it
> can also manage hyper-v).
>> IMHO, it isn't a good option to maintain domO virt servers based on CentOS or RHEL 
>> now ... It is the time to migrate to another solutions ...
> RHEL5, with Xen, will be fully supported by Redhat until 2014. They have
> clearly stated that many times.
> -- Pasi

Ok, I think I haven't explained well, sorry. Citrix Xenserver's hypervisor and tools 
was donated by Citrix last week, correct. But Citrix didn't release more versions of 
the product because it does not intend to develop it and apply new features. Citrix 
virtualization bussiness will be focused only on Management and Desktop 
virtualization using Hper-V as a first platform and second VMware.

And correct, RHEL5 Xen will be supported till 2014, but did you use a technology 
that upstream doesn't put the necessary resources to mantain and apply new features??

RedHat virtaulziation efforts are focused at 99% on KVM solutions, for Xen only 
applies security updates and nothing else.

best regards.

CL Martinez
carlopmart {at} gmail {d0t} com