[CentOS-virt] CentOS-5.4, KVM, QEMU, Virt-Manager and kvm-qemu-img

Tue Nov 10 11:50:54 UTC 2009
Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com>

James B. Byrne wrote on Mon, 9 Nov 2009 20:58:18 -0500 (EST):

> So, it would appear as if kvm-qemu-img is intended as a lightweight
> replacement for the full qemu package where all the functionality of
> the latter is not required.  However, as I wish to use virt-manager
> clearly the full qemu package is required.


Did you read this? As I told elsewhere I'm not using KVM. This article is 
outdated but it says that qemu is not needed. I would be surprised if it 
was needed now. I have used virt-manager for Xen and didn't need qemu. If 
I attempt to install virt-manager and kvm it doesn't pull in qemu for me. 
So, my conclusion would be that qemu isn't needed. The qemu-kvm/qemu-kvm-
img is only necessary if you want to use an image file. It is just able to 
create the image file, it's only a small tool from the whole qemu package. 
You certainly don't need the whole package. qemu is on lose terms "the 
same" as KVM - e.g. it is another hypervisor/emulator. You just need one.
Until you get better help from someone running kvm on 5.4, have you 
temporarily disabled SElinux to see if that makes it work? If it still 
doesn't work I guess there's something wrong with your setup.

There's also a Virtualization Guide for RHEL and I expect it to include 
KVM instructions now that KVM is part of RHEL. The 5.4 documents are not 
yet on the CentOS site, so you have to check on the RH site for it.


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