[CentOS-virt] XEN and RH 6

Tue Nov 10 15:02:00 UTC 2009
Ray Van Dolson <rvandolson at esri.com>

On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 06:57:08AM -0800, Grant McWilliams wrote:
> All of it except for that! Your VM isn't just a process accessing a
> disk. With KVM they've attacked the most commond devices - network and
> disk and offered paravirtualized devices. This doesn't concern me as the
> speed has proven to be good although in mysqlbench Xen still leads by
> quite a bit. I'm concerned about everything else. With 41 interactive
> VMs I worry about how fast the hypervisor can switch focus, the cpu
> utilization of each etc..

What are the hardware specs you're running your 41 VM's off of just out
of curiosity?