[CentOS-virt] CentOS-5.4, KVM, QEMU, Virt-Manager and kvm-qemu-img

Tue Nov 10 15:12:03 UTC 2009
Kenni Lund <kenni at kelu.dk>

2009/11/10 James B. Byrne <byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca>:
> On Tue, November 10, 2009 09:16, Kenni Lund wrote:
>> You need to configure your virtual machine to use a shared device,
>> eg. your bridge. If your client gets a 192.168.122.x address, you've
>> setup your virtual machine to use usermode networking.
> I have obtained the RedHat Virtualization Guide dated September 2009
> and will go through that today and tonight.  I know that eventually
> I will get this to work, but at the moment things appear very
> frustrating.

Ok, once you get a grasp of it, I'm sure you'll find it pretty simple
:) Install kvm + virt-manager + libvirt, setup a bridge, use
virt-manager to create a new virtual machine which uses the bridge.
Now you're done, nothing more needed.

Best Regards