[CentOS-virt] Migration checklist

Tue Nov 10 20:38:32 UTC 2009
Ben M. <centos at rivint.com>

Is there a current list of the required "matchups" to migrating guests 
from one Xen host to another?

I doesn't appear to me that paravirtualized machines have much in the 
way of obstacles. Hardware doesn't seem to play into it. What about Xen 
kernel matchups, say from a Xen 3.4 to a Xen 3.1?

How fussy is the HVM migration? Would moving an HVM from an AMD64 Athlon 
X4 AMD chipset to an Opteron X4 nVidia chipset have issues? What about a 
"hybrid" HVM-PV, like Windows 2008 with GPLPV drivers installed and 
where you have installed to a chipset as an HVM and then swapped to a PV?

I'm going to begin trying, but some time-saving tips, or a checklist, 
would be welcomed.