[CentOS-virt] VLAN bridge config for xen - Was: Controlling allocation of ethernet devices and KVM

Fri Nov 27 21:25:03 UTC 2009
Christopher G. Stach II <cgs at ldsys.net>

----- "Tait Clarridge" <tait at clarridge.ca> wrote:

> After you have been given a trunk port with a native vlan (for eth0,
> allowing you to set an IP for this connection) you can run or script
> the
> following:
> - Load the VLAN module
> If you wanted to script it to run at boot time you can create a
> simple
> for loop with a list of VLANs to use.

The init scripts support VLANs and bridges out of the box. Adding more scripts is not necessary.

I concur that separating the 4 interfaces as the original author suggested is a poor use of resources. If there are any policies in place for physical network isolation for management, it would be a better idea to get a LOM or a separate NIC for out of band management and bond the 4 primary interfaces for general traffic.

Christopher G. Stach II