[CentOS-virt] xendomains not autostarting

Mon Nov 30 19:41:03 UTC 2009
Christopher G. Stach II <cgs at ldsys.net>

----- "Ben M." <centos at rivint.com> wrote:

> Thanks, you gave me some solid points to check that I hadn't fully and
> I 
> think I know a little more.
> My chkconfig run level 2 was on, but runlevel was at "N 3". I toggled
> off, rebooted, no difference. Toggled on and off for the rest of the 
> checklist.
> Everything checked out except for XENDOMAINS_RESTORE=true
> which is default. I set it to false, toggled the runlevel 2 for a
> couple 
> of reboot checks. No joy, but ...
> Oddly I am getting Saves, even though DESTROY is explicitly set in the
> vm's conf to all circumstances:

Do you have anything lingering in /var/lib/xen/save?

Christopher G. Stach II