[CentOS-virt] Move Windows within an LV to another pv safely

Christopher G. Stach II cgs at ldsys.net
Mon Oct 26 04:02:30 UTC 2009

----- "Ben M." <centos at rivint.com> wrote:

> What a mess that turned out to be. Hey, maybe it was your "awesome 
> numbering" <ducking and running>. jk, probably because I forgot to
> take 
> some meds today or something.

Measure twice. Cut once. :)

> Oh, the dd quit on me before complete. Is it okay making the target lv
> bigger than the source when I try it again or does it have to be
> exact? 
> I need some extra disk space in that xen vm too.

You can make it larger if you want. The partition table copied from the source will only have the original size allocated. Did you allocate the new LV with the same number of extents on a VG with the same extent size? It should work perfectly, if so.

Christopher G. Stach II

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